Bert Jansch

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Bert  Jansch

Our good friend Bert Jansch is sadly missed by the Yamaha Guitar team. Bert was a ground breaking Acoustic Guitar player, famously admired by Jimmy Page and Neil Young. Significantly we remember Bert to be a gentlemen, and a pleasure to work with and for.

Bert Jansch’s groundbreaking guitar playing, deep songwriting and dark vocals have entranced audiences for over 40 years. Famously admired by Jimmy Page and Neil Young, Bert’s more recent fans include Noel Gallagher, Jarvis Cocker and Bernard Butler.


Hitch-hiking from his native Edinburgh to the bright lights of London, Bert began performing his unique mix of folk, blues and jazz at venues like The Marquee, The 100 Club and Les Cousins. Legend has it that his first album, played on a borrowed guitar and recorded in an apartment, was sold to Transatlantic for £100. Causing a sensation on its release in 1965, the album ‘Bert Jansch’ has been phenomenally influential with a host of big names citing it as a major influence.

Bert’s live performances are a rare opportunity to see a true legend in action. His low-key, understated approach shuns the commercial attitude of the music industry, just providing great musicianship and great songs.

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