Music Education

Yamaha Music Education Experience

Yamaha Music Education Experience

Supporting Excellence in Music Education

Yamaha Music School

Yamaha Music SchoolYamaha Music School

The Yamaha Music Foundation conducts consisting music education through courses designed for a broad range of students, including children, youths and adults, from beginners to those who wish to acquire a high-level of musicality, with the education for pre-school children as the basis.

Yamaha Music Education

Yamaha Music in Education

Yamaha's vision for its music education activities in the UK and Ireland is simply to help engage more people in music making and to support those who help others learn music - in whatever settings - to make it a life-enhancing experience for all concerned.

Yamaha Music Foundation of Europe

Yamaha Music Foundation of EuropeYamaha Music Foundation of Europe

Since 1990, YMFE has awarded scholarships worth more than 1 Million EUR to over 850 outstanding young musicians all over Europe.

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23/9/2014 [About Yamaha]
Yamaha to Partner European Union of Music Competitions for Youth

Yamaha Music Europe GmbH has announced a significant partnership with one of Europe’s most important youth music organisations, the European Union of Music Competitions for Youth (EMCY).

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