Yamaha announce new AvantGrand dealer, Dawsons Manchester

6/12/2010 [About Yamaha]

new AvantGrand dealer, Dawsons Manchester

Dawsons Manchester have recently been appointed a Yamaha AvantGrand dealer.

Launched last year to huge enthusiasm from media, piano professionals, musicians and the European Piano Teachers Association, these unique new hybrid instruments have opened a new chapter in piano development and design and marked a new era in the history of the traditional pianoforte.

The hybrid nature of the piano is a result of combining a traditional concert grand piano keyboard action – complete with hammers – with some of the world's most advanced sampling technology, developed specially for the AvantGrand.

Artists are keen to point out that, in their professional opinion, the AvantGrand is the first non-acoustic instrument to create a physical and emotional relationship with the player, offering a true acoustic piano experience. The newly developed tactile Response System transmits 'string' vibrations through the keyboard action to the player's hands. To a serious and accomplished pianist, feeling these vibrations is integral to the playing process.

In addition to the keyboard action, the AvantGrand offers highly detailed and accurate sound made possible by Yamaha's proprietary and highly advanced sampling capability. This is matched by the superb four-channel, three-way spatial acoustic speaker system, complimented by two sound board resonators that exactly duplicate the non-directional sound dispersion felt and heard by concert pianists.

Dawsons superb showroom in the heart of Manchester city centre on Portland Street, houses a vast selection of Yamaha digital pianos and keyboards for you to try along with expert staff to advise you on their many benefits.

For a VIP appointment to view the spectacular AvantGrand please call Darren Allerdyce or Andrew Pimblott on 0161 237 1770.


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