Sound On Sound Magazine give the new DXR PA System a BIG Thumbs Up!!

27/4/2012 [Music Production]

Built in collaboration with French speaker manufacturer ‘NEXO’, the DXR’s (and DXS) are a six strong range of active loudspeakers and subwoofers that deliver high-definition sound and class-leading SPL with minimal fuss and at a price that won’t break the bank. And with an incredible 7-year warranty, happy owners of the DXR’s are also enjoying complete piece of mind that if something should go wrong (it won’t), then they will have the backing of Yamaha’s award winning service team to fall back on.

Mike Crofts, Sound On Sounds’ Pro Audio guru takes an in-depth look at these unassuming PA speakers in a 3 page review and road test of the DXR12′s and DXR15′s. Without giving too much away we think it is fair to say that Mike was very impressed with what he found. The review on p.102 of the May 2012 copy of Sound on Sound is in the shops NOW, so if your interested in finding out what these speakers are all about … from someone who doesn’t work for Yamaha, then get down to your local newsagent today and grab your copy. For those living in the digital age you can also check out the review on-line by CLICKING HERE

For more detailed information about the DXR / DXS Series check out or visit your local Yamaha Pro audio dealer and ask for a demo today!!

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