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RX-V 75 Series

RX-V Series
AV Receiver RX-V73 series

AV Receiver RX-V75 series

AirPlay, Control App, HDMI 4K, ECO with YAMAHA quality sound.

Network Functions

Network Functions

Wireless music playback via AirPlay from iPod/iPhone/iPad. AV Controller App makes using your Yamaha AV receiver easier and more fun.

Yamaha Original Sound Technology

Yamaha Original Sound Technology

Dialogue Lift and Dialogue Level Adjustment for natural dialogue and vocals. CINEMA DSP 3D for amazingly realistic surround sound

Easy to use and Operate

Easy to use and Operate

YPAO optimises system sound. New remote control provides clear and easy to use function

ECO mode lowers power consumption.

ECO mode lowers power consumption.

Yamaha's new ECO mode reduces power consumption by about 20%. Auto Power Down function


4K Pass-Through and upscaling

The RX-Vx75 Series supports HDMI input/output supports 4K video image pass-through. RX-V675 / RX-V775 can perform 4K upscaling to boost a lower resolution image to super high-def resolution.


RX-V 75 Series Comparison

Introducing the further refined V 75 series. With an AV Controller that provides seamless control, it’s fitting to call the easy operation and versatile functionality of these models “smart.” For a smart person like you, there’s now the smart Yamaha. AV enjoyment that’s speedier and more convenient is now within easy reach.


Single Image Single Image Single Image Single Image Single Image Single Image
Model RX-V375 > RX-V475 > RX-V500D > RX-V575 > RX-V675 > RX-V775 >
Network function  
Channel 5.1 5.1 5.1 7.1 7.1 7.1
Output Power
one Channel driven
6Ohm 1kHz
100W 115W 115W 115W 150W 160W
HDMI 4 in / 1 out 5 in / 1 out 5 in / 1 out 5 in / 1 out 6 in / 1 out 6 in / 2 out
4K Pass-Through 4K Pass-Through and upscaling 4K Pass-Through and upscaling
HDMI Support
3D, 4K, CEC, ARC
HDMI Input Standby change -
Network DLNA 1.5 -
iOS/Android App
AirPlay / Internet Radio - / - / / / / /
Streaming Service - - - -
MHL Support - HDMI on rear HDMI on rear HDMI on rear HDMI on front HDMI on front
USB Digital Connection
for iPod/iPhone/iPad
iPod / iPhone iPod / iPhone / iPad iPod / iPhone / iPad iPod / iPhone / iPad iPod / iPhone / iPad iPod / iPhone / iPad
DAB+ Tuner / FM /AM - / / - / / / / - - / / - / / - / /
Cinema DSP 17 17 / 3D / Virtual Presence Speaker 17 / 3D / Virtual Presence Speaker 17 / 3D / Virtual Presence Speaker 17 / 3D / Presence Speaker Front 17 / 3D / Presence Speaker Front
YPAO Sound
R.S.C / DSP Effect Normalisation R.S.C, Multipoint / DSP Effect Normalisation
HDMI Video Up-Scaling - - - - 4K Yamaha Chip 4K Yamaha Chip
Zone (Multiroom) - - - Zone B 2 Zone 2 Zone
on-screen display
Color OSD
Color OSD
Color OSD Color OSD
Color GUI
Color GUI
Remote Control Preset Remote Preset Remote Preset Remote Preset Remote Preset/learning Remote
Optional Wi-Fi Adapter YWA-10 -
Optional Bluetooth Adapter YBA-11 -
  Titanium Finish available
Titanium Finish available
Titanium Finish available Titanium Finish available
Titanium Finish available
Titanium Finish available

Network / Connectivity

  • Advanced Connectivity: MHL Support

    Additional bottom cover added for additional support and to improve sound performance at higher volume levels and also support the power transformer and heat sinks

  • Wireless music playback via AirPlay from iPod/iPhone/iPad

    The symmetrical power amplifier layout improves signal to noise ratio with uniform balanced vibration control and improved sound experience

  • iPad-compatible USB terminal. Digital connection ensures best sound quality from iPod/iPhone/iPad

    A USB terminal is conveniently located on the front panel, permitting the direct digital connection of an iPad in addition to iPod/iPhone. You get easy music access with the highest quality, and can use the remote control to operate your iPod/iPhone/iPad. When connected, the iPod/iPhone/iPad will charge even if the receiver is off. A USB storage device can also be connected.

    * iPod/iPhone/iPad: RX-V475/V500D/V575/V675/V775 | iPod/iPhone: RX-V375

  • Streaming Services and DAB/DAB+

    The wide Yamaha AV Receiver lineup brings you all the types of content you want to listen to. The network-compatible models let you enjoy the popular streaming service Napster®, as well as vTuner Internet Radio that offers access to thousands of radio stations around the world. The RX-V500D also has a DAB/DAB+ tuner to let you hear digital broadcasts.

  • Bluetooth Adapter for Wireless Music Streaming

    With the YBA-11, you'll be able to stream music wirelessly from a Bluetooth capable mobile phone or a PC to the AV receiver. Thanks to the digital connection and aptX® audio coding algorithm, you'll enjoy wireless music streaming with optimum sound quality.

  • WiFi Adapter for Wireless Streaming of Additional Music Sources

    The YWA-10 makes it possible to stream music wirelessly to the AV receiver from a PC (stored music or internet) or NAS. It also connects to Ethernet-equipped devices such as BD players. Power is supplied from the AV receiver via USB or Ethernet cable. Just connect the YWA-10 to the Receivers network connector and back panel USB port and that's it! Activate the WPS Mode on your router and on the Yamaha YWA-10.




Advanced Technology

  • 4K video pass-through

    The RX-Vx75 Series supports HDMI input/output supports 4K video image pass-through. RX-V675 / RX-V775 can perform 4K upscaling to boost a lower resolution image to super high-def resolution.

  • Dialogue Lift

    A compromise movie fans are often faced with is that the centre speaker is situated below the TV screen which creates an unbalanced sound and vision base. The dialogue does not emerge from where it should...which is right in the centre of the screen. This compromise also creates acoustic confusion during concert movies. You see the artist on stage but you hear the artist from underneath the stage. Yamaha's unique Dialogue lift ensures there's no more compromise.
    * RX-V675/V775.

  • Design and Technology Dedicated to Sound Purity

    Yamaha’s V 75 series has a thorough emphasis on high sound quality, with high drive, high purity, anti-vibration design, and all models have discrete amps. They achieve low distortion and expansive surround sound. For movies and music, and with Blu-ray Disc, DVD, smartphones or any other devices, you’ll enjoy good sound to the fullest.


Easy to use and Operate

  • YPAO automatic setup system with Yamaha R.S.C. (Reflected Sound Control) function

    Getting the perfect sound for your room has never been easier. YPAO Sound Optimisation automatically analyses the room acoustics and precisely adjusts various audio parameters for optimum sound from your listening position.

  • Versatile, Easy Control from Smartphone or Tablet

    This extremely versatile app turns your smartphone or tablet into a Wi-Fi-enabled remote control for select network models. With a high-clarity, easy-to-use interface, it provides plenty of fl exibility for controlling receiver functions, selecting network devices, choosing DSP modes, and more. Available in both iOS and Android versions.

  • Icon Display of Various Sources Connected to a Blu-ray Disc Player

    If you have a Yamaha Blu-ray Disc player connected to your AV receiver, the input menu screen will automatically display the icons of services such as YouTube, Picasa or Netflix that are connected to the player. The Blu-ray Disc player model name will also be displayed, making it easy to select and operate.

  • Support for 23 Languages* Menus in Your Own Language

    The operating language will change according to the device’s language setting from among 23 languages, including 12* European and others. Viewing menus and so on in your own language makes operation easy.

  • AV Controller App Designed for iPad Makes Operation Easier

    The AV Controller App is also available in a version specially designed for the iPad. The large iPad screen lets you see information more clearly and control operations more easily. The content displayed also changes to match the orientation of the iPad. Taking advantage of the wide screen, the app provides a split-screen view so you get twice as much information, and can easily select modes, songs, etc.

ECO Mode

  • Eco-Friendly Design

    Have fun with your Yamaha Multi Channel audio system whilst looking after the environment and saving money! That's right! All the new Yamaha AV-Receivers from the RX-Vx75 Series are equipped with a new ECO Mode. Yamaha's unique Dialogue lift ensures there's no more compromise.
    * RX-V675/V775.

  • Auto Power Off

    The RX-Vx75 Series has three energy conserving functions. You can engage the ECO mode for a 20%* power reduction. It uses extremely low power when in Standby mode. And there is an Auto Power Down function, which you can set for 2, 4, 8 or 12 hours.

News & Events


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14/4/2014 [Audio & Visual]
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11/4/2014 [Audio & Visual]
YSP-1400 test winner in the May issue of What Hi-Fi!

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28/3/2014 [Audio & Visual]
Yamaha AV-Receiver RX-V677/777: The Home Cinema Reference – 7.2 Surround-Sound, 4K-Ultra-HD Processing, WiFi and Apple AirPlay

Yamaha Music Europe is proud to introduce the new RX-V677 and RX-V777 ...

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