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Colours / FinishesPHX TQF:Turquoise Fade / Gloss Finish / Ash

  • PHX TQF:Turquoise Fade / Gloss Finish / Ash


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Yamaha's new flagship PHX-Phoenix drum kit has been developed and handcrafted after four years of extensive research at Yamaha's new drum laboratory. Working with world leading artists, sound engineers and drum technicians, the aim was to build the best possible sounding drum kit. Using Yamaha's 40 years of craftsmanship know-how, we completely redesigned and improved all the elements of the drum to create the ultimate in quality and in appearance.

The colours and finishes shown may vary from those on the actual products.


【Phoe-nix】 * — noun

A mythical bird of great beauty fabled to burn itself on a funeral pyre and to rise from its ashes in the freshness of youth and live through another cycle of years: often an emblem of immortality or of reborn idealism.

*source :

A thing of peerless beauty or excellence

Nippon Gakki, the predecessor to Yamaha Corporation, was founded in 1897, and the Phoenix logo was registered as the company' s official trademark. While the triple tuning fork design that adorns modern Yamaha instruments is well known throughout the world, it is the Phoenix motif that was first emblazoned on our first premier organs. The design embodies the spirit of our founder, whose goal was to produce instruments of world-class quality and unrivaled beauty.

In 2007, YAMAHA celebrated its 40th anniversary of drums manufacturing. At that same time, we felt the need to recapture the spirit of our company' s founder. It was decided that YAMAHA Drums' next 40 years would begin with commitment to a rebirth and revitalization in striving for musical instrument excellence. From this rekindled spirit of innovation and musical resolve, came the birth of the PHX Series.

The Phoenix is considered the symbol of immortality, a rebirth into a fresh being, full of new life. Similarly, the PHX Series marks a rebirth of drum advancements, another milestone to add to YAMAHA' s legendary history. The PHX is the next step in innovation and excellence for those serious about their music.


David Garibaldi

David Garibaldi

Tower of Power

Dave Weckl

Dave Weckl

Like Steve Gadd before him, Dave Weckl spawned an army of imitators with his breathtaking playing on Chick Corea’s first Elektric Band album, released in 1985. Playing elegantly structured, complex compositions alongside sequenced accompaniments required a new level of technical mastery. Dave became a role model for a new generation of fusion drummers with his invention, uncanny precision and beautifully tuned Yamaha drums.

News & Events


1/9/2016 [Musical Instruments]
Call For Next Generation of Drummers to Enter #FUTUREBEAT

#FUTUREBEAT is Yamaha UK’s 18 years and under UK Drumming competition held with our dealer partners. The competition will give opportunities and exposure for the next generation of drummers. Read more ...

4/8/2016 [Musical Instruments]
YamahaDrums teams up with Protection Racket!

Teaming up with the world renowned UK Drum Case Company, Protection Racket, Yamaha have created a scheme to provide a corresponding soft case free of charge to protect the new drums.

12/1/2016 [Musical Instruments]
Yamaha to launch new Recording Custom Drum Series, designed in partnership with Steve Gadd.

Yamaha Drums are pleased to announce that the famous Recording Custom Series has been re-designed with Steve Gadd and will be released in 2016. Originally launched in 1975 the Recording Custom series (or 9000 series as it was known then) has become and Industry Standard drum set......

10/11/2015 [Artists]
Ronnie Scott’s to live stream the Steve Gadd Band to a global audience

Ronnie Scott’s are now delighted to announce the live web streaming of the bands final London show. Broadcasting their full performance on Wednesday 18th November from 20:15pm GMT (and available immediately on ‘catch-up’), Ronnie Scott’s provide an unparalleled opportunity for a global audiences to experience Steve’s jazz supergroup, in one of the world’s most iconic venues, all in stunning HD.

14/10/2015 [Artists]
Absolute Delight As Steve White Chooses Yamaha Drums!

Yamaha Drums proudly announces the signing of Steve White.

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