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Clavinova CVP


The CVP Clavinova range offers authentic piano sounds, natural weighted keyboard action and an amazing range of features which allow pianists to explore new and exciting musical options when performing or composing.

With full 88 note weighted keyboards and versatile functions like dynamic accompaniment styles and recording capabilities, CVP Clavinova offers the complete piano experience.

The CVP Clavinova series features a rich piano sound and exceptional keyboard response, putting musical expression at your fingertips. Each model offers hundreds of sounds, exciting accompaniment styles and a range of studio quality effects. Many models in the range include a large full colour display screen and built-in karaoke functions. CVP Clavinova is the ultimate versatile family instrument.

The CVP Series offers lots of ways to enjoy music.

Even beginners can make their debut!

Play with a backup band and feel like a pro!

Make music a lively part of every party!
The joy of playing results from the seamless integration of these elements.

Piano for pianists, even beginners!

Performance that feels just like that of grand piano
- Real Grand Expression -

"Real Grand Expression" Sound, touch, pedals - perfectly integrated to give you the sensation of playing a grand piano.

Compatible models

You can select your desired piano and favorite ambience in "Piano Room"

A great new feature called Piano Room that you can use when you really want to concentrate on piano performance and savor the piano sound.

Compatible models

Thanks to learning features even beginners can make their debut!

Support functions for beginners.

- On-Screen score display shows you what to play and when.

- Guide lamps help you practice at your own pace.

- Famous songs to learn are stored.

Compatible models

Feel like a pro playing with a backup band!

Enjoy Ensemble by simply playing chords

1. Select a Style

Choose the Style best suited to the type of song you want to play.

2. Cue up the band

Add an impressive accompaniment by simply playing chords with your left hand.

3. Build the arrangement

Change the variation of the accompaniment or add an ending with a single button.

Compatible models

The proper settings are set automatically

If you have difficulty deciding which accompaniment Style and Voice to choose, you can use Music Finder. Simply select the title of the song you want to play and a matching Style, Voice and Tempo are set automatically.

Compatible models

Quickly finding an Accompaniment Styles

Play a simple rhythm and a chart displays matching Styles to choose from. Style Recommender makes style selection easy for everyone, no matter what song you are playing.

Compatible models

Make music a lively part of every party!

Plug in a mic for vocal performances

Plug in a microphone, and you can sing along with your playing. Play accompaniment to your own composition, or play along with a talented friend. Singing will add more fun to your home parties.

Compatible models

Throw a karaoke party

You can enjoy karaoke backed up by songs stored in your Clavinova. The lyrics are shown on the display*, and the letters change color as the song advances. Display the lyrics on a big TV screen so everyone can join in and the party will pick up steam.
*Only if the song data includes lyrics

Compatible models

Enrich your vocals with harmony

Using the Vocal Harmony function will add the lush harmonies of a chorus, even when you're singing alone. You can also have fun with vocal effects like vocoder, which makes your voice sound robotic.

Compatible models

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Touch the music - the CVP-609's intuitive touchscreen brings a whole world of musical creativity to your fingertips!

CVP-609Other colours available



The power and versatility of Clavinova CVP - now with touch screen technology for easy access to a wide range of musical features.

CVP-605Other colours available



The CVP-601 is the piano that lets you explore a whole of music and creativity in your own home

CVP-601Other colours available



The Utimate Clavinova, CVP-609 simply has to be heard and seen to be believed.

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15/4/2015 [Musical Instruments]
b in the movies - Enter our video competition

We've been making b Series pianos for 10 years and want everyone to join in the celebrations.
Enter our online video competition and you could win one of ten £800 prizes. And there's an extra £800 prize for the video which receives the most public votes.

20/11/2014 [About Yamaha]
Yamaha launch new piano iBook range

Yamaha has announced ‘The Key Advantage’, a series of six iBooks providing a new way for piano customers to engage with Yamaha and find out everything there is to know about all aspects of the Yamaha Piano range.

23/8/2013 [About Yamaha]
Jools Holland Takes You on a Tour of Yamaha's Latest Clavinova Piano

11/1/2013 [About Yamaha]
Yamaha Clavinova wins prestigious industry award - again!

1/12/2011 [About Yamaha]
Yamaha Clavinova wins "Best Keyboard" 2011 Award

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