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Direct Descendents of the Legendary Concert Club Series

The powerful Club V series sound in remarkably affordable speakers.

BR Series Brochure [English] BR Series BrochurePDF [464KB]

The colours and finishes shown may vary from those on the actual products.

While maintaining the great sound of the Concert Club series, the BR series provides cost-effective speakers in three configurations to match a wide range of applications. Inheriting the excellent portability and placement flexibility that characterized previous models in the series, and featuring the same tasteful design and powerful sound, the BR series is a great choice for bands, clubs, halls, rehearsal studios, retail or school events … anywhere you need great sound in a medium-scale application.


Superior Audio Quality with Titanium HF Drivers

The BR series speakers were developed and are produced in the USA to carry on the proven audio quality and reliability of Yamaha's acclaimed Concert Club series. Using parts and components carefully selected for audio quality and reliability, Yamaha has ...

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