Yamaha & Pianos at Music Academies & Public Buildings

Academy of Music, Pinerolo, Italy

Supporting artistic and musical training

The Pinerolo Academy of Music is located in the Northern Italian city of Turin and is a leading educational establishment specialising in the provision of excellent artistic and musical training.

The academy is very proud of its reputation for helping students to enter professional careers in the field of international arts. In addition to providing a vibrant and popular music curriculum, the academy also plays host to an international piano competition and a wide-ranging, highly popular year-long musical season. As with many other worldclass establishments, Pinerolo has enjoyed a fruitful and creative partnership with Yamaha pianos, which play a high profile part in its musical life.

Laura Richaud, Professor and Artistic Director of the academy, is very enthusiastic about her Yamaha pianos:

“The Academy of Music in Pinerolo has always really enjoyed Yamaha Pianos. They produce such a wide range of sound and dynamics throughout the entire tonal range. They display a superb balance between bass and treble across the keyboard and provide our teachers and students with inspiration. We very much appreciate the support of Yamaha in our busy music calendar.”

Norwegian Academy of Music in Oslo and Korskirken Church in Bergen, Norway

Yamaha Pianos playing a central role in Norway

Another excellent examples of Yamaha pianos being selected by leading institutions are the Norwegian Academy of Music in Oslo and Korskirken Church in Bergen.

The Norwegian Academy of Music has chosen Yamaha to be its key piano provider thanks to Yamaha’s reputation for producing solid and reliable instruments that will withstand constant and rigorous practice and performance schedules. The Academy has a large inventory of grand pianos from C2 up to C7 models, these are complemented by U1 and U3 uprights which continue to set the standard for pianos in an educational setting. For Korskirken Church in Bergen Yamaha was the only choice, they installed a Yamaha CF111S concert grand piano thanks to its exceptional tonal qualities and ability to fully project sound throughout the church . As well as being a house of worship the church has a busy concert schedule in which the CF111S plays a central role.