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As one of the world’s largest producers of musical instruments, Yamaha believes passionately in musical education. With the Yamaha Music Foundation of Europe (YMFE), we aim to help students along the path to success and to broaden their musical horizons.

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Due to the current pandemic, the next Yamaha scholarship competition has been postponed indefinitely. As soon as we can set a new date, we will publish it here.

Our support for your musical success

Since establishing the Yamaha Music Foundation Europe in 1989, over 1000 scholarships have been awarded in 32 different countries. Young musicians have benefited from an expenditure totaling more than 1 Million euros, distributed across a range of instrument categories.

“I am still happy to have been successful in the 2018 YMFE competition and am exceedingly grateful for the scholarship I went on to receive. This event has given me invaluable support and encouragement as I continue along my chosen path.” - YMFE Winner 2018, Clarinet: Andrea Götsch

The Scholarship

The scholarship competitions take place annually in a variety of disciplines; from piano and string instruments, through to percussion and wind instruments. The competition disciplines change each year.

Depending on the successful students’ country of residence, the scholarship will will be awarded in the form of a one-time payment of between 1000 and 2000 euros. This sum can be used for any purpose, as long as it contributes to the advancement of the winner’s studies.


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