We understand that you had been hearing a message on certain BBC streamed radio stations, stating that the BBC will stop supporting Shoutcast.

Yamaha is now preparing a firmware update for the following models (shown below). Until your device gets updated with this new firmware, please use alternative methods to continue to listen to BBC radio stations.

This includes listening via FM/DAB radio for products with built-in tuners.

*Latest news (2023 Sep): Firmware update schedule is now revised to a later date in 2023. We will announce it once the firmware is ready to download. Your MusicCast device will prompt you when new firmware is available.

AV Receivers

RX-V485, RX-D485, RX-V585, RX-V685, RX-V1085, RX-V2085, RX-V3085 RX-A680, RX-A780, RX-A880, RX-A1080, RX-A2080, RX-A3080 HTR-4072, HTR-5072, HTR-6072 TSR-7850 RX-S602 CX-A5200 RX-V4A, RX-V6A RX-A2A, RX-A4A, RX-A6A, RX-A8A TSR-400, TSR-700 XDA-QS5400

Hi-Fi Components

MusicCast VINYL500 (TT-N503), R-N2000A, R-N1000A, R-N800A

Wireless Speaker

MusicCast 50 (WX-051), MusicCast 20 (WX-021)

Sound Bar

MusicCast BAR400 (YAS-408), ATS-4080, MusicCast BAR40 (YMS-4080), MusicCast BAR40SW

If you have any models due to receive a firmware update in your existing MusicCast set up, you can use these devices to access and listen to BBC radio stations (after the firmware update has been released). Additionally, you can use them as a MusicCast link master to provide BBC radio to the affected devices.


RX-A3070, RX-A2070, RX-A1070, RX-A870, RX-A770, RX-A670, RX-V683, RX-V583, RX-V483, HTR-5071, HTR-4071, R-N803D, R-N303D, NP-S303, RX-A3060, RX-A2060, RX-A1060, RX-A860, RX-A760, RX-A660, RX-V781, RX-V681, RX-V581, RX-V481, RX-V481D, TSR-7810, TSR-5810, HTR-5069, HTR-4069, WXAD-10, WXA-50, WXC-50, YSP-2700, YAS-706, YAS-306, WX-010, R-N402D, MCR-N570/D, MCR-N470/D, CRX-N470/D, CX-A5100, RX-A3050, RX-A2050, RX-A1050, RX-A850, RX-A750, RX-A550, RX-AS710/D, RX-V779, RX-V679, RX-V579, RX-V479, RX-S601/D, HTR-6068, HTR-4068, YSP-5600, YSP-1600, SRT-1500, ISX-18D, ISX-80, WX-030, R-N600A, R-N602, NX-N500, MCR-N870/D, MCR-N670/D, CD-NT670/D.