CeDeL Quartet


CeDeL  Quartet

The band and the different members are all very active in Belgium and abroad. The Quartet has won several competitions such as "the Adolphe Sax Contest” in Dinant (B) -home town of Adolphe Sax-, "the International Saxophone Quartet Contest 2011” in Madrid (E) and "the Adolphe Sax Contest” in L’Hay Les Roses (F). The individual artists are freelancing for the National Orchestra, La Monnaie, the Flemish Opera, the Filharmonie, the Hermes Ensemble and Spectra Ensemble and many more. Cedel as a band has received the Master-after-Master in advanced studies in contemporary art music performance. Cedel is one of the best saxophone quartets in Europe. In summer 2015, Cedel will organise its third Saxophone Week in coöperation with Yamaha.