Dave McClain


Dave McClain is the drummer of Phoenix-based thrashers Sacred Reich.

Influenced by such drummers as Tommy Aldridge, Peter Criss and Neil Peart, Dave's hard hitting style blends elements of rock, punk and classic thrash in a way that creates a massive sonic voice behind the kit.

Dave joined Sacred Reich in 1991 before joining Bay-Area-based band Machine Head in December 1995. After 23 years, 8 albums and a Grammy nomination, he rejoined his former band Sacred Reich.

Dave has also played for such notable metal bands such as S. A. Slayer and Murdercar.

Sacred Reich’s newest album Awakening on Metal Blade Records came out in 2019 to rave reviews. While the band is currently still touring in support of the recent album, the work on the follow-up is already in full swing to be released in 2024.

Photo credits: Michael Crusty & Fiaz Farrelly