Miki Santamaria

Miki is pleased and honoured to work -or have worked- with musicians, bands and shows from all over the world such as: Burn the Floor (touring Japan, Australia and performing at the London West End in 2016), Doctor Prats (touring Catalunya since 2015), Rock of Ages the musical (in 2013 and 2014 in the USA), Phredley Brown (musical director, keyboardist and guitarist for Bruno Mars. Miki and Phred recorded an album together in 2015), Abraham Laboriel Sr. (Miki and Abe performed together twice at the Yamaha Yam Session 2014 in Madrid, Drew De Four (USA), Discípulos de Otilia (touring Spain, Europe and Japan in 2008-2010), I Want U Back (Michael Jackson Tribute from Barcelona), La Banda de Buenafuente, Slam Allen (USA), Charlie Love (USA), Swagger Funk (UK), Brodas Bros, El Niño de la Hipoteca, Californicators (RHCP Tribute), Sultans of Swing (Dire Straits tribute), Llibert Fortuny, Monica Green, Antonio Orozco, Sergio Dalma, Kayo Malayo, La Carrau, Gnaposs, Miguel Talavera, Andreu Martinez, Pirat's Sound Sistema, Jadel, Lidia Guevara, Joan Rovira, Lucas Masciano, Raul Gómez, Litus, Rossvelvet, David Espín, Da Igual, Frank Mercader, Ivet Vidal, Lorenzo Santamaria, Brasstards, Always Drinking Marching Band, La Marató de TV3 (TV Show), La Partida de TV3 (TV Show), among many others.

He teaches electric bass at Taller de Músics superior school of music (Barcelona).

Miki Santamaria is a YouTuber with many subscribers worldwide and millions of views on his channel

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