3rd CD release for Swiss cornet player Patrick Vergères

Patrick Vergères is a well-known cornet player in the field of brass music. Principal cornet at the Brass Band 13 Etoiles and his village band “Concordia of Vétroz”, he also became known for his musical projects: a first solo CD in 2007 on the occasion of his 30 years and the creation of the band The 3 Cornets.

New project in 2017

This year, to mark his 40 years birthday, Patrick offers us a third CD “Tradition”. The title was not chosen at random. Patrick grew up in a family where music has been a tradition for generations. It is also a reference to the pieces recorded, all from the great tradition of cornet solos, but somewhat revisited to give them a new sound. The pieces proposed (famous solos from Clarke, Rimmer, Arban, Damaré) are arranged by his friend and famous swiss composer Bertrand Moren. Once again he was supported by the Editions Marc Reift. The recording was done in Montreux between end of 2016 and August 2017 with a piano.

...There are lots of cornet solos nowadays available (especially but young composers). However my idea was to give a tribute to these great solos which will stay forever. — Patrick Vergères, Yamaha artist

Strict organization

Becoming dad of two children, his days are even more fulfilled than 10 years ago. The difficulty of reconciling family, professional and musical life could have been a brake on his passion. However Patrick has imposed himself a very meticulous planning.

For his 40 years, Patrick has managed to afford a new beautiful birthday present.