Jools Holland is the next star to launch a #Platform88 piano, at Canary Wharf. Play your way…

Follow in the footsteps of our star pianists with #Platform88

Watch Jools Holland and Tokio Myers playing #Platform88 public pianos at Canary Wharf and Tottenham Court Road London underground stations.

Step onto #Platform88 and follow in the footsteps of pop music royalty for your chance to shine and play your way. Plus, win a star prize!

The global Yamaha philosophy is to enrich lives through music. We know public pianos connect music fans – often with magical results. #Platform88 is the perfect opportunity to bring players and listeners together. So, please visit Canary Wharf and Tottenham Court Road underground stations and play away – play to your heart’s content.

Simply take your photo with Jools’s or Tokio’s piano for your chance to win a star prize.

Would you like to win the chance to hear Jools Holland play at one of his summer or autumn shows? You just need to make your way to his underground piano at Canary Wharf Station, or Tokio’s at Tottenham Court Road, take your photo, upload to social media with our hashtag and cross your fingers!

Follow these simple steps to enter the #Platform88 competition

1. Create your moment at Jools’s Canary Wharf or Tokio’s Tottenham Court Road station piano. 2. Share your photo to your Twitter, Facebook or Instragram (set on public) with #Platform88. 3. Wait to hear if you’ve won our star prize!
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Stars of #Platform88

Play the piano your way at Canary Wharf and Tottenham Court Road tube stations and you might see yourself right here in amongst our Stars of the Underground.

Discover the artists

Discover the star pianos of the London Underground & #Platform88

The piano has 88 keys. #Platform88 celebrates the variety of music you can play with this full range of notes. Whether you aspire to play like our star pianists, or develop your own compositions, b Series pianos are a great place to start your musical journey.

Jools Holland launches #Platform88 piano number two at Canary Wharf.

Jools Holland is the second artist to launch a #Platform88 piano, this time at Canary Wharf tube station, after Tokio Myers launched the first at Tottenham Court Rd. Part of a joint initiative with Transport for London, these public pianos are there to play your way. Or, simply take your photo with one for your chance to win a star prize!

well-known champion of new musical talent, Jools has said, “I’m sure this beautiful instrument will provide much enjoyment for players and audiences alike. It's amazing how many people can play the piano well and I'd encourage everyone to either have a play or just stop and listen for a while. Who knows who may spot you!”.

  • Jools Holland #Platform88 interview

Jools Holland plays Canary Wharf underground station in London

Jools talks to us about how it feels to play his Yamaha b Series piano to commuters at Canary Wharf station.

  • Jools Holland Yamaha piano interview

Yamaha artist Jools on playing the piano

Take a look at what veteran pianist, London resident and rail aficionado, Jools Holland OBE DL, has to say about the joys of playing the piano.

So, what is #Platform88?

For the next two years, our Platform88 pianos will tour the tube network to give travellers the chance to perform. Which star will launch our next piano and when…?

Jools signed piano will be given to the Music for All charity.

After countless performances from musicians of all abilities, Jools piano will be donated to its new home, the Music for All charity.

Tokio Myers’ #Platform88 piano performance at Tottenham Court Road.

Yamaha Piano Artist and Britain’s Got Talent winner, Tokio Myers, launched his signed piano at Tottenham Court Road station. Follow in his footsteps and play your way…

Watch Tokio receive delivery of his first ever piano, a Yamaha

Receiving your very first piano is always exciting, especially with a crane delivery!

The star says, ‘Just have fun.’

Tokio tells us about his 4-years’ playing piano in shopping malls, and how to ‘find your own feeling’ when learning to play.

What the press are saying about Tokio’s performance

“…he stunned commuters this morning with a performance on the tube.”
Evening Standard.

Tokio’s signed piano will be given to the Mayor’s London Music Fund

After countless performances from musicians of all abilities, Tokio’s piano will be donated to its new home, the London Music Fund.