Yamaha debuts new PSR-SX series - PSR-SX700 and PSR-SX900

True to its pioneering status in digital workstation technology, Yamaha has released the first two models within its brand new PSR-SX series: PSR-SX700 and PSR-SX900 represent a significant progression from the previous PSR-S range, having been completely redesigned with a wide array of exciting new features expanding playing, composition and songwriting possibilities.

Visually, the stylish PSR-SX700 stands out with its clear lines and dynamic form and comes equipped with a broad palette of functions and features for more musical inspiration and creative possibilities than ever before. A new 61 key FSB keyboard offers players remarkable comfort and nuanced expression, thanks to its heavier initial key resistance and greater key travel. The new joystick provides players with greater intuitive pitch and modulation control for more sound variability.

At the heart of PSR-SX700 is the newly designed graphic user interface complete with an integrated 7-inch touch screen display offering a new level of usability. As for sound, PSR-SX700 possesses a comprehensive and sonically stunning set of 1,507 high-quality authentic voices and 400 styles for almost unlimited musical combinations. Functions can now be accessed using new assignable buttons, making each setting recallable with a single touch. PSR-SX700 also comes equipped with 1GB user memory and further 400MB expansion memory for Voice & Style Expansion. In addition to WAV recording, MP3 recording is also available alongside audio playback from either a USB memory device, or the on-board user memory.

Created in the same dynamic style, PSR-SX900 offers even more features for professional composition and performance. This includes a total of 1,873 voices, 525 styles as well as new drum kits (derived from the Revo! Drums of Genos) adding greater authenticity to every composition and performance. A new Chord Looper function allows the recording and playback of chord sequences, freeing your left hand from playing, while the new expansive sound field Speaker, Bluetooth® audio and high-resolution line and sub outputs enhance every performance. Moreover, the PSR-SX comes with 4GB user memory and further 1GB expansion memory for Voice & Style Expansion.


The Yamaha PSR-SX700 and PSR-SX900 will be available from September.

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