Explore the Yamaha Stage Custom Hip Kit with our Yamaha artists

Yamaha Artist Kevin "Kikoué" Ki performs with the Yamaha Stage Custom Hip kit, DTX-Multi12 & EAD10 Drum Module. With the addition of flute and kora to his set up, Kevin delivers a performance that merges traditional Mandingo arrangements with pan-African influence.

Compact in Size, Big in Sound

The Stage Custom Hip drum set is a compact version of the Stage Custom Birch, one of the most popular venue back line kits around the world.

This kit is compact in size, yet big in sound thanks to 100% birch shells. A shallow bass drum measuring 20 x 8 inches supports the bottom-end of the band, the floor tom is also equipped with snares to allow for use in a variety of sounds, in addition to the included 13 x 5 inch snare drum.

Explore the many possibilities that this drum kit offers, together with our Yamaha Artists Robert Mehmet Ikiz and Richard Spaven in a series of short performances on the Yamaha Drums (Official) YouTube channel.

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