Yamaha Music UK is working with pBone Music to support music hubs

Yamaha Music UK is excited to announce the Music Hub Conference, hosted by pBone Music at Yamaha’s head office in Milton Keynes.

This event is designed to empower Music Hub staff with innovative solutions and insider knowledge to navigate the challenges and opportunities arising with the demands for Music Services from the National Plan for Music with the new hub restructure.

Stronger Together: Supporting Music Education

Yamaha aims to provide with pBone Music the capability to take a student from the beginning of their musical journey forward for many years using the best instruments possible to allow them to progress in as good as way possible.

Starting for example with pBuzz in year 2 to break the barrier of a high financial commitment and make learning to play an instrument accessible to as many children as possible, to the pTrumpet, to Yamaha’s popular and teacher recommended YTR2330 trumpet. From there, Yamaha’s pathway continues, offering instruments with consistently good quality from student to pro range.

The Music Education Conference 2024: A Unique Learning Opportunity

The Music Education Conference 2024, taking place on June 19th and 20th at Yamaha Music UK Headquarters in Milton Keynes, is designed for different Music Hub staff needs.

Day One:

Instrument managers, repairers, and any staff interested in instrument care will benefit from in-depth sessions on servicing of pBone and Yamaha instruments including wind instruments, guitars and electronic instruments. We are running multiple sessions where each one will provide support, learning and experience for the best implementation of the National Plan for Music. Additionally, attendees will have the opportunity to tour Yamaha's facilities and gain valuable insights from instrument repair expert Graham De Vere White.

Day Two:

This track focuses on SEND (Special Educational Needs and Disabilities) and inclusion in music education. Participants will gain knowledge from external experts on the latest accessible technologies within the classroom setting. Hands-on demonstrations of inclusive instruments from various manufacturers will showcase innovative ways to make music accessible to everyone as part of the National Plan for Music.

Networking Opportunity

With anticipated attendance from over half of England's 43 HLOs (Hub Lead Organisations), the event offers an ideal space for music education professionals to network and share best practices.

Registration and Information

The Music Hub Conference 2024 is free of charge for HLOs and their staff.