THR Artists


Soren Andersen

When I first saw the THR, I loved it instantly! When I plugged in, I loved it even more... It's the perfect solution for home practicing, and it's so inspiring to play, because it sound like a real hot driven tube amp... But at very low level. Even if you plug it in to a PA, you will be surprised. It's one of the best amp simulators I've ever heard!

Tom Blankenship (My Morning Jacket)

These little guys travel with the band everywhere.. in the dressing room, on the bus, in a hotel room. Having the THR amps mean we're never caught unprepared for that night's show. And the best part is that they sound great.

Vivian Campbell

The THR amp is remarkable in it's ability to convey the warmth of the classic amps we all love. The bonus is that it does so in such a convenient package, too.

Eugene Edwards (Guitarist for Dwight Yoakam)

Working out parts, writing a song, fleshing out a solo with problem. The THR is an essential tool and a tremendous amount of fun!

Jason "Slim" Gambill (Guitarist for Lady Antebellum)

Backstage, our THR10's are the MVP's! We play pretty much everything through them--guitars, bass, keys--even a ProTools rig! It's also my best friend as a songwriter to snap out of the typical "guy with an acoustic guitar" vibe. Pretty much an indispensable part of my rig.

Joe Hottinger (Halestorm)

Whether I'm practicing, partying, or putting parts down on a new song, the THR10X is there. At home and on tour. Little. Green. Different. The choice of the next generation.

Jon Herington (Guitarist for Steely Dan)

It's not like a real amp, it is a real amp.

Peter Hook

The THR has been a relevation. Every single person who hears it wants it. The features are easy to use and make writing music FUN and FAST. The two things I've found to be most important to any musician I've ever met!

Tim Pierce

The THR has been a wonderful tool in my toolbox... The ability to emulate sounds easily,add effects easily, and blend in music from an iPod or computer, are three very real strengths that the THR possesses....
Nothing else can do these things, and do them this well.
All that being said, I am still in love with the look and vintage aesthetic of the THR. And its size makes for a very convenient sonic traveling companion!!

Dave Stewart

I love this little THR amp I use it every day to capture instant ideas and riffs. As a songwriter it's a perfect amp to play along to tracks I've made and I can take it any where the kitchen, the bus or record with it in the studio, it's my little buddy.

Oliver Wood (The Wood Brothers)

I'm really into funky little amps. This little Yamaha sounds amazing and fits in my suitcase!