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Top performance with a price that strikes a chord

Those starting out on the journey to mastering the guitar have a few choices with Yamaha: go for a classic or acoustic model, or channel their inner rocker with an electric. Wherever your child’s heart lies, they’ll be getting a high-quality instrument that delivers on sound and style. These guitars are also designed with a slightly smaller frame to suit the smaller hands of beginners, ensuring they can jam in complete comfort.


From tuners to build material to amps, there are a few things to consider when buying an electric guitar.

Our award-winning Pacifica Series is made up of six-string electric guitars made for first lessons, practising in private, or busting out a solo on stage. Each model comes with accurate fret positioning and quality tuning gears, resulting in pitch-perfect sound that stays in tune for longer (an essential benefit for beginners).

Our Pacificas also come with a variety of pick-up combinations, which convert the guitar’s vibrations into electrical signals and let players produce different tones with their instrument. Choose the clear, sharp sound of a single coil, or the heavier tones of the power bridge humbucker - both pick-ups offer new avenues of creativity to play in different styles, from rock to funk & blues to country & jazz.

Pacifica PA112 and PA012

Electric guitars need an amplifier to bring their sound to life. Find one in our affordable range that’s right for you.

Find an Amp

Many guitar teachers prefer to teach using acoustic guitars, so if you think an acoustic is the right instrument for your child, durability and playability are key. Yamaha’s full-size classical guitars come with 18 frets, and are designed to help players perfect their technique from the first chord. Accurate fret positioning maintains comfort and good hand placement, while the perfectly tuned sounds ensure every beginner can learn in perfect harmony with their instrument.

The guitar’s string material is also important, as both are better suited for different styles of play. Most traditional classical guitars rely on the flexibility of nylon strings, but more experienced players often use steel strings (and a pick) for a brighter sound.

Classical Guitar

Small hands often need a smaller guitar. But don’t worry - our ¾ guitars offers greatness in a small package.

Smaller sized Guitar

The F310 Steel String Guitar is an affordable first instrument that’s perfect for beginners who dream of playing like their favourite singer/songwriter.

Steel String Guitar


Yamaha has a network of specialist music shops across Europe. Our dealers can provide you with the help and advice you need to find your perfect instrument and offer support after your purchase.