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The first one pictured here was released in 1983 and featured the newly-developed ME keyboard. It indicated that the power and performance of a grand piano was now available in an electronic instrument. From its inception, Clavinova made it possible to recreate the feel and sound of an acoustic grand in an digital piano.

The 1980's catalog featured the image of Stanislav Bunin, the young pianist who took the world by storm when he won the International Chopin Piano Competition in 1985 at the age of 19.

In 1992 the cover of the catalog featured a handwritten score of "Misty Lake Louise," a masterpiece by pianist Yuki Kuramoto who helped develop and promote the Clavinova. "Misty Lake Louise" was also utilised as a demo song on several models, and was well-loved by many Clavinova users.

A new white model was introduced for the first time in 1991, joining the black and wood-grain finishes already being produced. It was featured on the cover of the CVP-75WH catalog.

This advertisement and catalog was created under the direction of Yozo Nakamori, using illustrations from "The Birds of America" throughout.

Some of the text in the catalog is shown below.

"Into the sounds" (mori-no-oto e)
The forest is full of all kinds of sounds—the chirping of birds, the gurgling of a brook, and the wind sweeping through the trees. From time to time, these sounds echo in harmony, or form an ensemble forming a singular expression that we perceive as music. Perhaps the ideas for famous songs penned by great composers were born from these melodies created in nature. The enjoyment of sound—this is fundamental to music. The Clavinova lets you perform using the sounds of many different instruments, using piano techniques with which you are already familiar. The wonder of electronics has created new ways to enjoy sound. We might even say that we’ve created a colourful forest of beautiful sound... this the very essence of Clavinova.

Following on from "The Birds of America," this was the second catalog created under the direction of Yozo Nakamori, and featured beautiful and refined modern visuals based around the theme of "a forest of sound and birds." As with the previous catalog, this was also popular and played a part in presenting the Clavinova as a high-quality, "new and authentic" instrument.

The last catalog in the "Clavinova Forest" series appeared in 1994. Throughout these forest-themed catalogs, we sought to consistently convey the idea that although the Clavinova is a digital piano, it embodies the warmth of nature, offering an experience that is extremely close to that of a real acoustic piano.

The CVP series catalog from 1996 pictured a Clavinova fairy on the cover to "guide you to the enjoyment of music and the fun of playing." The CVP offered a variety of functions beyond the traditional way, such as auto-accompaniment.

Around the year 2000, the shape of the music rest on the Clavinova was standardised to resemble those found on grand pianos. This iconic shape also became the symbol of Clavinova and stood as a mark of quality for more than ten years.

A completely new Clavinova design made its appearance in 2005. With a focus on interior design, this compact and sleek image made a bold departure from that of a traditonal piano. The design could only be realised in a digital piano as the traditional string and hammer design of acoustic instruments could never be so compact. This model is now sold as the MODUS series.

Designed by Nobumasa Tanaka of the Yamaha Design Laboratory, the Clavinova logo has remained unchanged since 1983. In addition to the logo, Tanaka was involved in the product design of the Clavinova (YP-30/40), and poured his efforts into expressing a logically consistent worldview for the Clavinova brand— in both product and logo design.

The logo was designed with the awareness of being "not too traditional or advanced, but familiar—an orthodox logo that stands the test of time". It embodies the Clavinova elements of style, authenticity, familiarity, musicality, and rhythm. The Clavinova logo continues to be loved 35 years after its creation.

The Clavinova logo continues to be loved 35 years after its creation, as a timeless creation that never feels old.

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Clavinova Chronicle

From 1983 to now

Current Series

CLP Series

The CLP Series captures the soul of a remarkable concert instrument in a digital piano to deliver a grand piano performance in a more personal environment. From the feel of the pedals to the touch of the keyboard and the rich, resonant tone, the CLP Series provides an authentic grand piano experience that will inspire you to take your playing to new heights.

CSP Series

The all-new CSP Series gives you the ability to play the songs you always wanted to play, featuring state-of-the-art smart technologies and concepts that let you fulfill your dream of performing on a piano.

CVP Series

A true chameleon; the versatile CVP Series can assume a variety of roles; one moment a fine concert piano, the next an expressive string ensemble. With stunning sounds and a range of vocal functions, the CVP Series is the perfect partner in your musical endeavors.