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Every song begins with a note; all they need to do is play it.

Few things in life are as exciting as learning an instrument. Children learn through play, so Yamaha’s digital pianos are all about inspiring creativity. Just a few minutes’ practise each day can work wonders for their development, whether they read music or just enjoy learning note by note.

Our digital pianos are as innovative as they are versatile, suiting a range of players’ capabilities. They’re a great choice for those just starting their musical journey, and who knows? That first note could grow to form a melody, a song, or even a stirring composition...


When a child feels in control of their music learning, you can really hear the difference. Our digital pianos come loaded with a huge soundbank of instrument sounds ready to play, so they can start experimenting straight away and make music on their terms.



The portable P-Series is the perfect entry point to experience the joy of a Yamaha Digital Piano. The P-125 and P-515 models are both compact and easy to move around, giving players the freedom to take Yamaha’s customary high-quality sound with them wherever they go.

For a piano that’s easy on the eye, the P-125 has an impressive minimalist design and leads the way in user-friendliness and responsive touch - with a natural piano sound that’s also mightily impressive.

The P-515, however, is true portable luxury. The elegant design is complemented with the refined Natural Wood X keyboard, and its sound - captured from the famous Yamaha CFX and the Bösendorfer Imperial concert grands - feels every bit as good as the piano looks. There are 500 instrument sounds to choose from, too, so when it comes to versatility, it doesn’t get better than this.

Yaamaha YDP


The Arius YDP-S34 is ideal for smaller spaces, and thanks to its compact design, it has the added benefit of being able to blend in as a stylish piece of furniture. The 88 Graded Hammer Standard keyboard is perfect for traditional piano playing, producing an amazing sound based on Yamaha’s legendary flagship CFX model.

The YDP-164 combines an ultra-slimline design with the expressive playing experience of a grand piano. Its Intelligent Acoustic Control produces an impressive and balanced sound, even at low volumes. For truly immersive creation, plug in a pair of headphones to experience incredible audio generated by the Stereophonic Optimizer.



Yamaha Clavinova Digital Pianos feature a nuanced and dynamic sound influenced by two famous concert grand pianos: the Yamaha CFX and Bösendorfer Imperial. There are three series perfect for all musicians, meaning beginners, advanced pianists and whole families can play with a smile on their face.

The Clavinova CLP-Series is packed with cutting-edge technology including ultra-responsive GrandTouch™ or GrandTouch-S™ keyboards as well as Grand Expression Modeling. These features give the pianos the authentic feel of acoustic pianos, allowing musicians the freedom to play with a wide variety of speed, depth and nuances to create unique performances.

The Clavinova CLP-735 and CLP-745 make learning an absolute joy with its user-friendly features and amazing grand piano sound recreation. The CLP-785, however, is the flagship upright piano style model of the Clavinova CLP Series: it features Improved Virtual Resonance Modeling, a counterweighted GrandTouch™ keyboard, and the finest sound system in the series.

Yaamaha YDP

The CSP-Series is a great fit for curious beginners, musicians looking to play as part of a group, or people looking to get back in the groove after time away. It comes with a wide variety of instrument sounds, and its unique descending Stream Lights provide a fun learning experience for beginners by illuminating which keys to play. Everyone can experience the joy of creating from the word go.

Whichever model is the right one for you, you’ll have access to Yamaha’s Smart Pianist app to help bring your dreams of playing the piano to life.

Yaamaha YDP


The CVP-800 Series is ideal for players and families who want to sing, compose and enjoy music together in new ways.

The CVP-809 Digital Piano recreates the rich range, tone and depth of a grand with stunning results. Realistic voices and a diverse array of backing help set the stage for magnificent ensemble performances.

When it comes to sound selection, the CVP-809 offers a huge range of choice. Band and orchestra accompaniments - covering diverse genres including jazz and pop - enhance the playing experience, and players can also enjoy non-piano voices including distorted guitars, ethereal strings and more. Beginners can take advantage of the large touchscreen display to make their learning an intuitive and exciting process.

YAMAHA CVP-809 YAMAHA CVP-800 series


Flowkey is one of the world’s most popular apps for piano and keyboard learning that’s tailored to suit every user’s skill level. Access a huge selection of interactive song tutorials and lessons to get your children performing their first song in minutes.

Enjoy three months of free access to Flowkey Premium with every purchase of a Yamaha acoustic piano, digital piano or keyboard.

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Yamaha has a network of specialist music shops across Europe. Our dealers can provide you the help and advice you need to find your perfect instrument and offer support after your purchase