MOTIF XF Discontinued

MOTIF XF V1.50 Update

1. The following new Effect types are now available

  • Reverb
    Newly added 3 reverbs simulating the acoustic
    (HD Hall, HD Room, HD Plate)
  • Insertion Effect(Guitar Efx)
    8 new effect types with featured guitar amplifier sounds
    (US Combo, Jazz Combo, US High Gain, British Lead, Multi Efx, Small Stereo, British Combo, British Legend)

2. New 32 Voices are now available

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  • 16 Voices which match the new reverbs
  • Another 16 Voices which match the new Guitar Efx
  • 8 Performances which include these new Voices
Classical Jazz Trmpt
Hard Country Rockin
Sax Smoothy
Rock Of The 80s 2
Funky Driver
Rocko Proggo

3. Various Editors compatible with V1.50

  • MOTIF XF Editor V1.6.3 for Win/Mac(compatible with Cubase 7.5)
  • iOS Apps (Smart device applications)
  • Voice Editor Essential V1.5.0
  • Multi Editor Essential V1.5.0
  • Performance Editor Essential V1.5.0

4. Other updates



  • The MOTIF XF now corresponds to the Yamaha USB Wireless LAN Adaptor UD-WL01.
    Please note that only the IEEE802.
    11b/g protocol is available.
  • Other problems have been solved.


  • In case you have updated the firmware version to V1.50, please use the MOTIF XF Editor version of V1.6.3 or later.
  • In case you attempt to load a file that was saved in a firmware version of V1.50 or later into a firmware version of V1.40 or earlier, the new Effect types that have been added to firmware version V1.50 would be replaced as "No Effect" or "Thru".