Music Wonderland

(from 3 years up to 4 years)

In this course, your 3 year old child develops sensitivity and expressions as well as the musical foundation through the experiences of music. Listening to music, feeling rhythm with their bodies, creating sound images with the keyboard… Your child will discover the joy of music through these playful musical experiences.

  • To develop the ability to express own feelings (singing actively with images as well as expressing rhythm).
  • To understand the sense of rhythm (beat, tempo and constant speed of rhythm).
  • To cultivate the foundation that will make them capable of expressing music.

Music Wonderland prepares the next step, the Junior Music Course.

Who can take part? Children aged 3 years

Time of lessons: 50 minutes

Length of course: 6 month or one year

Size of group: 6-10 children

This course is only offered in Yamaha Music Schools.