Yamaha’s Next Generation Video Collaboration Systems “CS-800” and “CS-500”

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Yamaha Video Collaboration Systems “CS-800” and “CS-500”

The new “CS-800” and “CS-500” utilize the latest AI technology to combine voice and video data to deliver the most accurate, real-time hybrid collaboration experience.

Rellingen, Germany – 12nd October 2022 – Yamaha releases the new Video Sound Bar CS-800 and Video Collaboration System CS-500, that enable on-demand video conferencing in a variety of workspaces with the latest in voice and speaker tracking technology – all packed into a modern design.

Each of the CS-800 and CS-500 apply Yamaha's newly developed SoundCap EyeTM, an innovative technology which uses high-accuracy positioning information from BOTH, the voice and the camera pickup to pin-point participant locations. This enables them to deliver a seamless and immersive tracking experience.

The newly developed Hexa-Microphone, along with Smart Framing and the new Face Focus Beamforming, allow the devices to "find" the voice of speakers and can provide a frictionless and excellent calling experience by automatically adjusting the video and audio according to each unique setting. There also an Easy Launch function that enables a quick start when entering a space, and helps users collaborate. With just one USB connection to your laptop, users can be up and running in no time.

The CS-800 Video Sound Bar is an all-in-one system that integrates microphone, speaker, camera and video output (HDMI) required for remote conference into one device. The CS-500 includes the microphone, camera and video output (HDMI), while utilizing the speaker of the connected display (or other Yamaha or third-party speakers).

Various installation methods are available such as tabletop, wall hanging, and display mounting using the optional mounting accessories. The CS-800 and CS-500 has been certified as a Zoom Room hardware device, confirming a reliable and seamless collaboration experience for users. The included Bluetooth remote control can be used as a big mute button and also allows more advanced configuration if required.

1. SoundCap EyeTM enables open space remote communication by “finding” and capturing voice clearly and reducing distracting noise.

The new SoundCap EyeTM technology utilizes the high-accuracy positioning information from the built-in 4K camera alongside the newly developed “Hexa-Microphone” providing clear voice transmission, even in noisy environments. The sound output is optimized by the CS-800 and CS-500’s automatic tuning functions to deliver an adjusted and appropriate volume to the far end. The self-silence function uses Yamaha's Human Voice Activity Detection (HVAD) technology and automatically mutes the microphone when no conference participant is speaking.

2. The Smart Framing feature automatically adjusts camera framing for smooth communication

The built-in 4K camera, utilizing a 120 ° wide-angle lens, provides a clear visual to the other parties within online meetings. The "Smart Framing" technology uses AI and Yamaha’s Face Focus Beamforming function to recognize people in the room who are speaking and automatically frames the video signal for remote participants. Smooth transitions are made for participants who may shift or move about the room via the CS-500/CS-800’s seamless action. The CS-800 and CS-500 allow you to deliver greater passion and emotion in online meetings.

3. Easy Launch designed for everyone to communicate smartly, quickly and easily

Yamaha CS-800 and CS-500 include an “Auto-Wake up” and “User Guide” function that automatically turns on the display and shows how to start the meeting when users walk into the meeting space. CS-800 and CS-500 also come with a single-cable connection that simplifies online collaboration.

*CS-800 and CS-500 will be available from December 2022, starting in Europe.

Yamaha CS-800


All-in-one camera, microphone, and speaker system.

Yamaha CS-500


Camera, and microphone remote collaboration device.