New Features for ADECIA Solutions with Firmware V2.5.0

Please note: Before installing the new ADECIA firmware 2.5 update, you must update your devices to ADECIA firmware version 2.0.0 if you are currently using an ADECIA firmware version 1.2.0 or lower!

Divide / Combine Room settings

Thanks to the consistent further development of this function, it is now possible to realise a room combination setup. No further products are required to create a divided or combination scenario.

External device control

Commands can be sent from the RM-CR to external devices to control them. This means that cameras, displays or similar can be controlled directly from the RM-CR.

Can also be linked to the Preset function.

Easy security settings

RADUIS Server security easy configuration functionality has been added, making it easier to set up.

A simple and secure way to implement the highest level of network security. The RADIUS server can be set up and configured with just a few clicks, even without in-depth network knowledge.

Easy Dante optimized settings

Dante optimisation settings can now be easily checked and optimised from the ADECIA side.

This automatically sets the best audio performance in the Dante network. Many parameters for an optimal Dante audio network are optimised with a single click.