Spend Time the Way You Want

Catch the moment with the music that defines you.

Restio becomes a part of your life and enhances it.

Create your own space, design your own environment through music.

MusicCast ISX-18D Discontinued

Decorate your living space and enjoy your music. Use it on a shelf or a wall like an art frame, conveniently adding music to your life. And team it with Yamaha’s MusicCast multi-room audio system for easy access to a wide range of music sources. The ISX-18D is the stylish way to expand your musical world.

MusicCast ISX-80 Discontinued

Restio provides interior art through music whether wall-mounted or placed on a shelf. Compatibility with streaming services and Yamaha’s new system MusicCast means more ways to enjoy music than ever before.

ISX-803D Discontinued

Rest after your day with a new style audio.Entertaining and energising,it's an endlessly enchanting companion.Bluetooth compatibility makes operationand placement smartly convenient.Stylish and wireless — the new Restio.

Optional Accessories

The colours and finishes shown may vary from those on the actual products.