Yamaha NS-3000

Presenting the emotional story behind the music enables a unique connection between the music and the artist, as exists in a live performance. Yamaha’s design philosophy with the NS-3000 is to ensure that, as the final instrument with which the artists’ voice is conveyed to the listener, the artists’ emotion is accurately expressed to, and imparted on the listener.

All ZYLON™ Units for Accurate and Emotional Sound

The NS-3000 presents a seamless transition across bass, mid-range and high-end frequencies, thanks to the use of ZYLON™ in both units. A remarkable continuity in tone across frequencies delivers a distinctively accurate yet abundantly emotional sound.

FEM Analysis and Laser Measurements for Optimal Reinforcing Cross Piece

Cabinet rigidity is imperative in ensuring audio integrity. Reflecting technologies employed in the NS-5000, FEM analysis and laser measurements were used to determine optimal reinforcing of the cross piece, suppressing “box ringing” caused by delayed vibration from the six surfaces of the enclosure.



Yamaha NS-3000

Presenting the artist live in the living room is achieved through an openness in the soundstage; the equipment and room disappearing and the artist delivering an intimate performance for the listener. An open sound stage brings the artist and listener together and engages the listener in the music. Yamaha’s speakers are designed to fade into the background with the artist and music front and center.

R.S. (Resonance Suppression) Chambers to Suppress Unwanted Resonance

Demonstrating its lineage, the NS-3000 inherits the same tweeter as the NS-5000. The RS Chamber on the rear of the tweeter cancel tube resonance that can forcibly move the diaphragm and therefore impact the accuracy of the audio.

New Acoustic Absorber Optimised for NS-3000

Designed specifically for the NS-3000, the new acoustic absorber reduces the impact of internal standing waves while simultaneously reducing the need for sound absorbing material. Consequently, musical energy remains distinctly evident.



Yamaha NS-3000

Groove is a feeling from the music. Something that reaches inside the listener, capturing them and making them move. Helping them engage with the music through the rhythm. Presenting quiet subtleties are equally as important as the loud crescendo’s to generate this groove with the music.

Highest-Quality Parts for Crossover Circuit

Representative of the flagship series, the NS-3000 adopts the highest quality parts for the crossover circuit. The MCap® SUPREME EVO audio capacitor made by Mundorf of Germany, renowned as the pinnacle in audio-use capacitor, is used along with a huge woofer coil.

Solid Brass Speaker Terminals

Cut from pure brass, the speaker terminals undertake to deliver absolute signal integrity through a highly secure connection. Further, their shape comfortably fits with the human hand for a luxurious feel while simultaneously allowing for effortless tightening.