NS-C210 Discontinued

High Sound Quality for HD Era

With more and more music and movie sources becoming high definition, such as digital broadcasting and Blu-ray Discs, your speakers have to be able to clearly reproduce the detail and clarity that these sources provide. The NS-210 Series speakers use new aluminum woofers and balanced dome tweeters to ensure the best possible sound from HD sources.

Aluminum Cone Woofers

The use of lightweight, high stiffness aluminum for the woofer diaphragm allows high speed cone movement for fast response to each sound (fast attack). The sound is clean and detailed, with exceptionally good bass response. In addition, because the unit does not have magnetic shielding, a larger than normal magnet could be used, allowing more sound information to be extractedfrom the source for more realistic sound staging.

2.2cm (7/8”) Balanced-Dome Tweeter

This tweeter is a refined version of the balanced-dome design used in Yamaha's top-class speaker systems.

Slim Design

These speakers have a slim, elegant design that will perfectly match plasma monitors or flat-screen TVs.