Imagine a hi-hat stand that not only meets your professional needs and expectations, but also provides you with a richer and crisper sound accompanied by a flexible and unmatched setup routine.

The fundamentally revised design contributes to an overall enhanced durability and stability, complemented by a wide range of easy adjustment options.

When you are reaching for the highest possible freedom during your performance, Yamaha's new flagship hi-hat stand HHS9D has got you covered.


Thanks to its unique design, Yamaha hardware has attained a carefully balanced blend of high-level functionality, user convenience, and ruggedness.

Derived from Yamaha's many years of experience and expertise in developing drum hardware, our entirely new flagship hi-hat stand sets a second to none- standard.


Sharing its conceptual DNA with our FP9 flagship foot pedal series, the HHS9D features the same distinctive mirror-finished footboards combined with elegant blue colored accents.

While maintaining Yamaha's renowned ease of use, various integrated adjustment mechanisms allow musicians to customize settings in favor of their individual vision. The overall result is a high-quality sound and usability that takes every drummer's performance to the next level.

Ball Bearing and Millor finish Foot board

  • HHS9D footpedal

Incorporated ball bearings in upper and lower part of Yamaha’s Direct Link System, as well as the hinge sections, ensure smooth footwork in combination with the mirror-shine polished footboard.

Independent Swivel Leg

  • HHS9D swivel leg

The individually free moving double-braced legs, enable the stand to be set up in practically any desired position. When set according to the position markings, it provides outstanding stability for every drum performance in any situation possible.

Twist to Set Hi-hat Clutch

  • LC9

With the LC9, a new hi-hat clutch got adapted to the HHS9D, allowing clutch nut attachment with a simple twist. While the use of harder felt leads directly to significant sound improvement, the double lock nuts actively prevent unintended loosening during a performance.

In addition, a protective plate complements the hi-hat shaft.

Cast Metal Hi-Hat Cymbal Seat

  • HHS9D cymbal seat

Alongside the use of harder felt, the metal cymbal seat ensures a sharp and rich foot-close sound. As with our HS1200 series, angle adjustment nuts with anti-loosening mechanism, and cymbal cup protectors are also included.

360 Memory Lock

  • HHS9D momory lock

The new and uniquely shaped memory clamp allows not only for vertical positioning but also for fixation in the rotational direction, ensuring a consistent position of the angle adjustment nut.

Alloy Tension Adjustment Dial

  • HHS9D tension adjustment dial

The adjustment dial for the spring tension is made of durable metal featuring an instruction mark on top, for easy identification of rotation direction even during your performance while confirming the tension strength by indicator.

One-touch Footboard Angle Adjustment

  • HHS9D foot board angle adjustment

The footboard angle is also freely adjustable via loosening only a single bolt.

Low Position Heel and Anti-Skid Heel Spikes

  • HHS9D spike

Just like the FP9 and highly requested by our artists, we incorporated our low-profile heel design for much smoother playability. The heel section also sports spikes similar to the FP9, enhancing the overall stability.

Throw and Go Baseplate

  • HHS9D baseplate

For easier transport, the baseplate can be fixed in a raised position. To prevent lateral movement of the footboard the connecting plate is made of high-strength metal supporting the aluminium made baseplate. Enjoy this perfect blend of strength and lightweight design.


Yamaha's new flagship hi-hat stand that realizes highest possible freedom during your performance.

  • Ball Bearing action and Millor finish Foot board
  • Independent Swivel Leg enable the stand to be set up in practically any desired position
  • Twist to Set Hi-hat Clutch allowing clutch nut attachment with a simple twist
  • Metal parts that realizes enhanced durability and stability
  • New function that has wide range of adjustments with simple operation

The colours and finishes shown may vary from those on the actual products.