Alto Wooden Recorders

Wood Materials

- Kingwood : A very hard and dense wood, Kingwood gives a strong, broad tone. (Gravity after drying approx. 1.2)

- Rosewood : A hard heavy wood for vigorous tone, with rich overtones similar to Kingwood, but a little softer and sweeter. (Gravity after drying approx. 1.0)

- Ebony : Another hard, dense wood characterized by easy response, and a clear elegant sound. (Gravity after drying approx. 1.0)

- Castellowood : A softer wood with a beautiful warm tone, good for expressing subtle musical nuances. Though it is not technically a boxwood, it is commonly referred to as “Castello Boxwood”. (Gravity after drying approx. 0.7)

Environmentally-conscious lead-free processes

Wood recorders use lead-free coatings and lead free solder.

Cotton Case Bags

The recorder cases are made from environmentally friendly natural cotton.


This Castellowood recorder has a smooth and beautiful tone for an attractive, traditional recorder sound capable of subtle expression.


Made of beautiful Rosewood, this recorder has a vigorous and expressive tone containing both dynamism and sweetness.


This recorder is hand-crafted from Castellowood, and features a soft and natural, traditional Baroque sound capable of great expression.


Like YRA-801, YRA-811 has sweet and soft tone capable of subtle expression. The artificial ivory rings add definition to the sound while enhancing the appearance of the recorder.


This recorder is crafted from top quality Rosewood for a rich full tone with abundant overtones. It is capable of both strong and delicate performance.


Kingwood is a hard and dense wood which gives a strong and clearly defined tone with powerful projection.


Ebony is another dense wood which is characterized by an elegant transparent sound and a nimble response.


This Baroque pitch recorder is a replica of the famous Denner recorder. It recreates warm and mellow tone of the original instrument. The G/G# and F/F# positions have double holes to accommodate modern playing styles.