VXL Series

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General Speaker Data / CLF Data for VXL Series Speakers (V1.0) [313KB]
General Speaker Data / EASE 4.2 EASE Focus 3 Data for VXL Series Speakers (V2.1) [3.2MB]
Name English English
BIM Data for Revit (VXL Series) [2.6MB]
CAD Data (VXL Series) [445KB]
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HCB-L1B Installation Guide [649KB]
PA-L1B Installation Guide [282KB]
ST-L1B/ST-L1W Installation Guide [274KB]
VCB-L1B Installation Guide [294KB]
VCSB-L1B/VCSB-L1W Installation Guide [299KB]
VXL1(B/W)-24/VXL1(B/W)-16/VXL1(B/W)-8/ST-L1(B/W)/WMB-L1(B/W)/VCB-L1B/VCSB-L1(B/W)/HCB-L1B Online Owner's Manual (HTML) [English]
VXL1B-24/VXL1W-24/VXL1B-16/VXL1W-16/VXL1B-8/VXL1W-8 Installation Guide [1.6MB]
VXL1B-24/VXL1W-24/VXL1B-16/VXL1W-16/VXL1B-8/VXL1W-8/ST-L1B/ST-L1W/WMB-L1B/WMB-L1W/HCB-L1B/VCB-L1B/VCSB-L1B/VCSB-L1W Technical Specifications [237KB]
WMB-L1B/WMB-L1W Installation Guide [252KB]
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MTX/MRX Library Files for VXL Series Speakers (V1.1) [73KB]
Processor settings for VXL Series Speakers (V1.1) [47KB]
VXL Series Dimensions [232KB]
VXL Series: Advantages of Line-Array Speakers [960KB]
VXL Series: Benefits of Line Arrays with More-Compact Speaker Units [1.1MB]

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VXL Series

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