Yamaha Unified Communications Configurator

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Find the ideal Yamaha conferencing solution in just a few steps.

The Yamaha Unified Communications Configurator proposes an ideal solution for your circumstances by asking a few simple questions about the issues you are addressing, the expected number of people, and your budget.

The resulting solution can be shared easily with colleagues, business partners, or others as a unique URL.

The Yamaha Unified Communications Configurator selects a standard room size recommended by Yamaha based on the expected number of people you select.

  1. Select issues, expected number of people, and budget as required on the entrance screen
  2. Select a candidate from the solutions displayed
  3. Issue permanent URL*

Permanent URL: A unique URL created for each of the selected results

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Trying to?

*You may select multiple answers.

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  • ・The room images shown in the Configurator are for the purposes of displaying product uses cases, and may differ from actual rooms.
  • ・Please refer to the pages for each product for product images and detailed specifications.
  • ・The names of products and companies, etc., in this text are the trademarks and/or registered trademarks of this company or the company concerned.
  • ・The prices shown are for equipment only. Various installation and setup fees may also be required.