DM7 Series

DM7 StageMix

  • Yamaha DM3 StageMix

iPad application for controlling and monitoring DM7 Series mixing console.


  • Yamaha MonitorMix

MonitorMix is an application for iOS / Android devices that allows individual wireless AUX mixing.

VST Rack

  • Yamaha VST Rack

The VST Rack software is plug-in host software that uses VST plug-ins, letting you create the exact effect rack you want.

Name OS Size Last Update
R Remote V5.9.0 for Mac macOS 13, 12, 11(Intel/Apple silicon with Rosetta 2) Mac 22MB 2023-08-22
R Remote V5.9.0 for Win 11/10 Win 23.4MB 2023-08-22
RMio64-D Firmware V5.85 for updating with R-Remote - 29.7MB 2023-08-22
RSio64-D Firmware V5.85 - 18.2MB 2023-08-22
Rio1608-D2 Firmware V1.85 - 18MB 2023-05-11
Rio3224-D2 Firmware V1.85 - 18MB 2023-05-11
Name English English
Device License Activation Guide (HTML) [English]
DM7 and DM7 Compact Firmware Update Guide [430KB]
DM7 Control Owner's Manual [English] [3.1MB]
DM7 Editor Installation Guide [997KB]
DM7 Series Reference Manual [11.8MB]
DM7 StageMix User Guide [English] [5.8MB]
DM7, DM7 Compact Block Diagram [176KB]
DM7, DM7 Compact Owner's Manual [English] [3.8MB]
MonitorMix User Guide [English] [2.3MB]
PY64-MD Owner's Manual [English] [683KB]
PY8-AE Owner's Manual [English] [674KB]
PY-MIDI-GPI Owner's Manual [English] [675KB]
VST Rack Elements V1.5 Plug-in Reference [731KB]
VST Rack Elements V1.5 Plug-in Reference (HTML) [English]
VST Rack Elements V1.5 User's Guide [1023KB]
VST Rack Elements V1.5 User's Guide (HTML) [English]

DM7 Series

Name English English
CAD Data (DM7 Series) [3.5MB]
CAD Data (PY Cards) [358KB]
CAD Data (Rio3224-D2, Rio1608-D2) [1.2MB]
Data Sheet (DM7 Series) [1.6MB]
Data Sheet (Rio3224-D2, Rio1608-D2) [1.5MB]
DM7 Series OSC Specifications [619KB]
MCP1 Remote Control Protocol Specifications V1.0.0 [322KB]